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Includes notes and revised manuscript and typescript drafts the play August Snow. Includes manuscript and typescript drafts, rehearsal notes, and the Hendrix Players production program. Includes setting copy with Price's revisions, page proof, and jacket illustration.

Includes drafts and correspondence regarding issuing complimentary copies of Blue Calhoun. Drafts of the forward, and the table of contents are also included. Includes typescript drafts with Price's revisions, and notes and correspondence from Daniel Voll, and Alec Wilkinson. Includes An Imminent Curse excerpt; draft of From the Author to the Trade; script for audio abridgement; and, jacket copy and quotes. Includes notes on Hurlbut's Story of the Bible notes and illustrations; revised typescripts of The Strangest Story; Becoming Contemporary with the Gospel Writers; and, flap, forward, and jacket copy.

Includes drafts and revised typescripts of jacket and ad copy; and, The Unaccountable Worth of the World. Includes notebook photocopies, and typescript drafts of preface, footnotes, and A Note on the Text. Includes typescripts with Price's revisions; illustrations; notes from Frank Lentricchia;.

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Other files include drafts of related correspondence, the table of contents, Price's biography, and lists of broadcast and publication dates. Includes Price's corrections; sample pages for essay titles; and, cover specifications and samples. Includes sample pages; corrected blue pages; jacket; illustration; and, sample case for hardback. Includes typescripts Possible titles: R. Price's Mayfield trilogy; and, four drafts of preface.

Includes proofs with Price's and Bruce Jorgasson's corrections; and, design layouts.

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Includes notes on additions; chronology; dedication; Price biography; and, title page. This subseries includes materials related to work Price did with other artists for their publications and is arranged chronologically. Includes a galley proof of Price's introduction to Eudora Welty's Photographs. Price's poem, Gold Day, was included as the introductions to Bruce Weber's book of nude photographs.

This subseries includes files from Scribner, Price's longtime publisher. They include proposals, agreements, drafts, correspondence, reviews, and publicity and marketing materials. The materials are arranged chronologically, and by publication title. Includes drafts, agreements, publicity, correspondence, marketing, production, and reviews.

The Family Reunion A Verse Play by T.S. Eliot 1939 First-Edition Drama Hardcover

Materials in this subseries include drafts, proofs, typescripts and fragments of uncollected poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. Some nonfiction materials in this subseries appear to have been gathered by Price and assigned this title in the early s during preparation for his first nonfiction collection, Things Themselves, as some notes and outlines recorded here reflect the final structure of that book. The subseries also contains a mix of titles later collected in A Common Room; uncollected titles that appear in their own named folders elsewhere in the Reynolds Price Papers; and other manuscripts that are unique to this subseries.

Further materials reflect drafts and typescripts of uncollected works which are unpublished, or published in short format. Price's early student work from high school through his years at Oxford is included here. The materials are arranged chronologically.

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Includes revised manuscripts, drafts, proofs, and typescripts of uncollected fiction comprised of short stories, fragments, and notes with titles Theophanies; Back Before Day; the Heart in Dreams; Holy Places; Road; Short Story untitled ; Time Out; Timothy; A Way Back; and, correspondence and application materials for Guggenheim Foundation. Includes revised manuscripts, drafts, proofs, typescripts and notebooks of uncollected poems.

Some folders include diagrams of poetry. Includes revised manuscripts, drafts, proofs, and typescripts of uncollected nonfiction comprised of essays, fragments, and notes with titles Reynolds Price: About Himself; St. Why Duke? Also short biography written by Price; Scenario for a play; Notes for a play and various fiction; Draft of script and title page. Letters to John and Julie regarding script. Bruce Weber commercial for Calvin Klein Eternity. Dialogue spoken by the children was written by Reynolds Price.

Includes fragments and drafts of Price biographies and bibliography; and; essays and short fiction including A Family? The Price Writing in Serials subseries includes works by Price published in journals, magazines, and newspapers, and is arranged chronologically. Newsletter; and, The Archive. Included in this subseries are reviews written by Price about work by others and is arranged chronologically. This review was published in the Duke Alumni Register, where Price was a visiting critic. This subseries includes drafts; typescripts; and, published versions of speeches and addresses written and given by Price, and is arranged chronologically.

This subseries includes recordings of Price discussing, reading, or performing his written materials and is arranged chronologically. The Personal Papers Series is comprised of personal and family belongings; personal financial and medical documents; books from Price's personal library; family home movies; and, correspondence which was kept in a locked box in Price's home.

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Stolen Child

This Series also includes audiovisual material of interviews with, and documentaries about Price; and, family, personal, and business photographs. Each subseries is arranged alphabetically, or chronologically, where this information is identified. All photographic safety and nitrate negatives are closed to use; copies are available on request. Nitrate negatives are scheduled for digitization. This subseries includes audiovisual materials of and about, or of interest to Price. This subseries contains family and personal belongings, and is arranged alphabetically.

Includes magazine and newspaper clippings, and reprinted articles. Some items are annotated. Allure magazine article on Vivien Leigh by RP. Includes letter from Harriet Wasserman. Includes typescript drafts of Wilson Weldon's documentary on RP's life as a teacher. Includes directions to Price's home; salary for Price's personal assistant; list of DVDs owned; a reading list; and, an email address book.

THE FAMILY REUNION A Verse Play by T.S. Eliot First-Edition Drama Hardcover - $ | PicClick

Time magazine article by William A. Henry III. Includes letter from Harlan J.

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Includes personal family, financial, and medical records, arranged alphabetically. Includes documentation, authentications, and receipts for items in RP's art collection. Includes lists of personal assistants and job descriptions and agreements; correspondence with tax preparer and W-2 information; Price's of people to notify upon his death, and possible executors; and, correspondence with physicians and assistants. Many of the volumes in the Home Library subseries have been signed by the authors, or inscribed to Price. They are arranged alphabetically by author, and occasionally by title.


A note and signature from McKoy written on a card that has been removed, and placed in a folder. Prayers Plainly Spoken signed, an undated letter from Hauerwas to Price has been removed from the book and placed in a folder. Lucas Cranach.

Masters of World Painting. Includes Holy Bible embossed, Edward C. Price, Sr.