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Instead, you pay an affordable monthly fee for access to enterprise level applications and email. For example, the Premium Office subscription provides access to the following capabilities:.

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Microsoft Office is cloud-based which means it can be accessed from anywhere and on any device. You can choose what applications you want to download on your computer or mobile device which enables you to complete work tasks even when you are not working in your home office. Additionally, Office is scalable allowing you to add or subtract capabilities as your business needs change.

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You only pay for what you use and there is no IT infrastructure to implement at home. Microsoft oversees all security using a team of IT professionals at each of its data centers. Each data center is required to meet ISO certification standards to ensure data security and compliance. Office also provides you with specialized user controls that allow you to set privacy rules and access permissions. This provides you with a way to secure files and documents minus the cost of maintaining data security. Check out our separate article that presents a business case for switching to Office Business.

Storing files and data is critical to your business. And, depending upon your industry, you may face specific compliance requirements for storing and archiving data. The good news is you have a lot of options when it comes to data backup and storage. The first place to start is by assessing exactly what your storage needs are. Then you can proceed to use a combination of backup and storage options to ensure you always have access to your data. Once you have an idea on how much data you are working with, you can decide on storage requirements.

With new peripherals, such as flash memory and cloud storage solutions, home office users now have more options than ever when it comes to data backup and storage. The abundance of options make storage very affordable and range from small thumb drives to cloud storage, network attached storage, and more. External hard drives connect to your device via a USB port. Modern external hard drives are capable of offering a large amount of storage space.

It is also important to remember that external drives are technology and technology can fail.

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However, an external hard drive is a cost effective way to implement one type of strategy in to your combination of storage methods. Many home office users choose cloud storage which is remote backup and storage that is transmitted over your Internet connection to a secure location. The cloud storage provider is responsible for securing the infrastructure in its data centers using encryption and redundancy practices.

You can share and access files using your web browser using a high-speed broadband Internet connection. Recovery of data is fast and easy in the event of a disaster.

A flash drive is also known as a thumb drive and is a small portable device that you can carry with you on your key chain. The flash drive connects to the USB port on your device and allows you to backup and store files while on the go. If you choose a quality flash drive, many of the devices are equipped with encryption in the event you lose the device or it is stolen. Other flash memory devices allow you to store Microsoft Outlook files, web browser bookmarks, and other files.

Then all you need to do is plug the flash drive into any device to view your files when you are traveling. Network attached storage provides easy and reliable access your files and documents on a network infrastructure. This type of storage can be as simple as a hard drive connected with an Ethernet cable. This allows you to connect multiple hard drives to expand your storage capacity. If you prefer to keep things simple and cost effective, you may want to consider a hosted storage service by a qualified provider. You pay a simple monthly fee while the service provider maintains and secures the NAS infrastructure.

Choose the right location in your home where you can separate your work life from family life. It should be a space with enough room for furniture and equipment and good ventilation. It should also be a space that fuels inspiration while being comfortable and functional.

Establish a creative space you can use for project creation. The space should be a separate work area from your desk and capable of providing you with an area where you can set goals and create visions. It may include a whiteboard or an idea wall where you can record ideas and goals as they come to mind. An organized office makes a good impression and prevents you from feeling mentally overwhelmed. Perhaps you require a specific number of file drawers or additional shelving for keeping things readily accessible.

Maybe you require a closet for storage or an extra workstation for an assistant.

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Whatever your requirements, come up with a system of organization that is tailored to meet your daily workplace needs. A soft comfortable bed will be much appreciated by your beloved office assistant. Finally, it is important to have a backup plan in place in the event of technology failure. Ask yourself where you will go if the Internet goes down or your computer crashes. This will ensure your daily business activity is not vulnerable to IT failure.

It is better to over prepare for IT issues than to be totally unprepared when disaster strikes. Our IT Department has helped numerous businesses to setup virtual working solutions for their staff.

A step-by-step guide for everyone to follow, including non-tech savvy people.

We also work closely with small business owners and start-ups that with to setup a small office network at home without the overheads of maintaining an external office. When setting up a home office your focus should be on three things: 1. The Three Cs, which include physical technology such as C omputers, C onnectivity, and C ommunication. Software 3. Workspace and Organisation The following home office setup guide will help you to optimise your space to accommodate your needs.

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Some of the questions you should ask yourself include: Which applications produce the largest files? How much of your data has been duplicated over time? How far back in time are you required to store data? What amount of data is not relevant to your business? From what location, do you plan to access your files and documents? How quickly do you need access to your files and documents?

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Get a Quote. Businesses that access information remotely might want to set up a virtual private network VPN. It allows you to access applications via a web browser, and encrypts the network traffic to make it secure. The user can access the network using a login name and password, or with a hardware security token which generates unique passwords every few minutes. While quantum computers aren't available just yet, there are other properties to consider, such as quantum sensors and quantum Technology change is hard -- and, these days, it's constant.

Here's how one CIO learned to become a technology evangelist and got Organizations moving more compute to the edges of their networks must adjust how they protect and govern their data and devices. Virtual networks add a layer of complexity to the real networks below them.

Follow these three virtual network security measures Zendesk disclosed a previously undetected security incident from in which data for 10, customer accounts was accessed, Application delivery controllers play many roles, but the ADC security use case might be most important. Learn about ADC features Firewall migration is a compelling automation use case, as automation scripts can shorten the migration process, eliminate unused A new Software-based infrastructure and services can streamline management and application data.

Before you add them to your data Security, connectivity and remote management are integral parts of any edge architecture. Here's how to include them in your Information management consultants talk about the importance of aligning business and IT drivers for a holistic architectural The new capability is supported by BladeBridge's converter technology and includes self-service tools for data preparation and The new updates also bring about native Hadoop distributed file system workspaces within Immuta and more ways to integrate Immuta Published: 21 Jul Sign in for existing members.

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