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Christmas and the holiday season is stressful for many families who struggle with everyday expenses. No-one wants to see a loved one, especially a child, without at least one gift to brighten their spirit during the holidays. Toys for Tots aims to provide each child, ages newborn to 14, with one new large toy and one new small toy for Christmas. Items provided are limited to toys available at the time of the request.

Even if they are not able to donate a toy, many also collect gift cards and food donations that are given to families in need, too.

Many neighborhood groups use Facebook to communicate. These groups are listed by specific town and city locations. Search within the group for new or gently used toys. Place a post in the group if you are looking for a specific toy.

How I turned the Santa ‘lie’ into something good

Many children do not notice if a toy has been gently used and will be excited to see something new and different. Set a date and time for friends to get together and bring toys in good condition. Bloggers and writers on the internet frequently offer contests on their websites for toys and other items provided by manufacturers, especially near the holidays.

We are happy to have a platform that we can use for good! Christmas really is a wonderful time of year, and brings so much joy to so many families. But it can also be a time of great challenges and strife to some. I want to change all of that for a group of families in need, and I need your help to do it! The last few years, my business es were blessed. Not knowing where to start, I turned to you Freebs for nominations and suggestions. Hundreds of nominations poured in within hours, and as I read every one, I was overwhelmed. Blown away. All the feels, basically. I sponsored 3 different families and paid for their Christmas, which families I am still in contact with, and whom touched my heart to the core.

I feel a special bond and connection with them that will for lack of a less cheesy term… stay with me forever.


Wouldn't you know…you Freebs were also touched by the stories I shared, donations — none of which I even asked for! I can't describe the feeling of going to my PayPal account and seeing so many hundreds of dollars, generously donated.

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This year my business has been even more abundantly blessed, and my following has grown. Last year was incredible, no doubt!

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But…call me crazy…but…. Then, with additional donations that come in from Freebs near and far, we will help as many additional families as possible until the money runs out! Please read this entire email thoroughly, and let us know if you have any additional questions. You can nominate anyone from anywhere in the world. I'll figure out how to get the money to them, even if by way of Hogwarts owl.

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Again, nominate people HERE or using the form below. Holy jiblets YES! If you can't possibly fathom how, you might want to consider Budget Boot Camp and I'll share all my secrets. It's all about stretching those pennies, folks! We have to take it case-by-case. Last year I was able to deliver some in person for those in Utah , others were done via FaceTime, and others were done over the phone. We will work out those details with the person who nominated the family, so answer your phone if I call!

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No biggie, still eligible! You or they can then pay it forward and gift that to someone else, and still use the Christmas cash. Please yes!

CFAX Santas Anonymous Society

The more donations, the more families we can help! Not a penny will go to me or my team. The last few years your donations sponsored Christmas for a mother of quintuplets whose husband was deployed. I finally got to meet her, and the sister who nominated her, at Pinners Conference this year! One year, I was able to pay for Christmas for a young family whose gorgeous mom, Jordin, was terminally ill with cancer. It was her last Christmas and we miss her dearly.