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And this is why companies often find it so difficult to anchor IT security in IT. And they are looking for tools. But if they are to help successfully, they must support the process.

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Completely and from start to finish, preferably self-learning and automated. Download the presentation " IT security is a process. Among other things, he is responsible for the operation and further development of Database Activity Monitoring for monitoring critical Telekom databases. He is also responsible for various customer projects in the areas of cyber defense, security operation and security management.

Today, one of the high value assets in companies is data. Systems with large databases, which mainly contain customer data or other sensitive data, are a popular target for attackers. It is necessary to identify, evaluate and monitor related threats to detect and defend attacks to protect the data.

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With database activity monitoring and database firewalls, companies can handle threats on data directly at the source. Imperva SecureSphere offers a solution to identify sensitive data, monitor database user activities of administrative or high privileged accounts and alert in real-time suspicious behavior or other security violations.

With a database independent monitoring concept, Imperva SecureSphere provides a broad range of coverage from traditional relational databases to big data platforms as well. In this break-out session we will introduce you to database security and give you a first impression during a live demo. During this time he has been involved in the strategic development of new focus topics and the development of new markets. In , he took over the management of the Big Data and Data Analytics division and since then has supported a large number of companies from industry and medium-sized businesses in the strategic implementation of digital transformation.

Reinhard Karger , M.

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Reinhard Karger has been the head of corporate communications since , and has been DFKI's company spokesperson since With now 30 years of experience in the IT industry Ingo Kruckewitt took over the role of a global service provider architect at Symantec. Target hereby is to provide innovative and powerful solutions to customers, that allow all users to profit from the most up to date cybersecurity solutions in a comfortable way, independent of the size of the customer. An indispensable part is the offering of managed services through the service providers.

Breakout-Session 1: Zero Trust. Zero Trust and Symantec. Security built on one simple premise: Trust no one. Coined by Forrester Research, the Zero Trust model is built on the reality that threats are everywhere, both inside and outside your organization. A multi-layered approach to prevention, detection and response is vital, and Symantec's Integrated Cyber Defense ICD platform is leading the way. Download the presentation "Zero Trust". Mirko has been with Check Point Software Technologies GmbH for 8 years and specializes in solving complexities related to increasing connectivity and inadequate security.

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Mirko brings extensive international security and IT consolidation experience to a variety of global companies. Breakout-Session: Check Point Infinity - the first fully consolidated cyber security architecture. Check Point Infinity is the fully consolidated cyber security architecture that provides unprecedented protection against large-scale, 5th-generation cyber attacks and future threats in networks, on endpoints, in the cloud, and on mobile devices. The architecture is modular and offers customers a flexible entry point.

Download the presentation "Check Point Infinity". In the last almost twenty years, Sven Lachmund gained broad and deep expertise in the area of ICT security, focusing on network security. During his studies, he already specialised on ICT security. All his professional career is dedicated to this area. After he graduated in computer science, he worked for Technical University of Munich and the industrial research lab of the Japanese mobile network operator NTT docomo.

Security-by-Experiment: Lessons from Responsible Deployment in Cyberspace

In , he joined Deutsche Telekom Group. His major tasks at Deutsche Telekom are security of newly introduced components and technologies on the mobile network and international standardisation of security for the mobile network. While tech media are abuzz with 5G features like low latency, high throughput, massive IoT etc. Vendors, operators, and other stakeholders have been developing 5G security for about five years within various fora. This talk will give an impression of Deutsche Telekom's commitment to the ongoing 5G security work.

Download the presentation "5G-Network-Security". Married, two children. Completed studies in computer science with specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Data Bases Dipl. Consistently active in different roles and responsibilities. Since beginning of engaged in the topic Artificial Intelligence within Deutsche Telekom. One of the co-founders and co-lead of the company-wide Artificial Intelligence Community, with the purpose to facilitate an interdisciplinary and general exchange about Artificial Intelligence.

Andreas Lang has been working in the field of IT and cyber security for over 25 years. Lang has been active for over 10 years in the roles of IT security auditor, IT security officer and trainer for a large number of customers both nationally and internationally. Lang completed his doctorate in at the Otto-von-Guericke University in Magdeburg in the field of multimedia and IT security, where he dealt with digital watermarks in audio signals.

Kim K. Larsen has more than 18 years of experience in the telecommunication industry, with national, as well as international senior management roles. He holds a Ph. He is driving various applied machine learning initiatives, aggressive network automation and how to get more data science competences into the telecom industry. He actively contributes to the debate on the economical framework of 5G for mass markets, the rightful expectations to its potential and last but not least the economic impact on the telecom industry.

Volker Gerhardt and Prof. Rahel Jaeggi. Janina Loh's main research interests lie in the field of trans- and posthumanism, responsibility research, Hannah Arendt, feminist philosophy of technology, ethics in the sciences, and robot ethics.

Melinda F. In her research she deals with legal questions concerning robotics, selfdriving cars and Artificial Intelligence AI. She has been with Deutsche Telekom since and is responsible for concepts and projects in the area of personnel and organizational development as well as continuing education. During a long stay abroad from to in France and Brazil, she gained experience in international and intercultural contexts and projects.

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Piloted in , the 6th class will already start in Since , employees of other companies and organizations have also been able to participate in the program. Bitkom , e. Strategies against shortage of specialists. The development program "Cyber Security Professional IHK " is a measure against the shortage of specialists and an ideal introduction for motivated people to the exciting and challenging field of IT security.

We show how it is structured, which requirements lead to participation and what you can do with it. We will also discuss approaches to motivating more young women to work in IT security and will present two role models. Due to many years of experience as an operational IT-architect, strategic consultant and as a project and program manager, he has an extensive know-how especially in the areas of telecommunications, logistics and change management.

In , he founded the consultancy axxessio GmbH with offices in Bonn and Darmstadt. The company is specialized in the conception and implementation of large IT systems, digital transformation processes as well as in the field of voice recognition. She is speaker and lecturer. Lab is an independent think tank that develops strategies and practical solutions for positively shaping the changes in the digital world.

We support public institutions, foundations, enterprises, research performing institutions and policy makers to master the challenges of digitalization and to make the most of its many-layered potential. We bring in legal, technical, economic and socio-political expertise to bear on this work. He has 15 years of experience in Cloud Security. Breakout-Session: Device centric security strategies for the modern workplace. Mobile devices now generate more corporate traffic than a traditional laptop or PC. However traditional security investments such as SWG and EPP don't pay off in this world as devices connect from anywhere at any time.

Many enterprises are looking to unify their mobile and traditional devices under one Unified Endpoint Management UEM strategy. This is the perfect opportunity to rethink your workspace security strategy and benefit from device-centric technologies such as MTD, and Mobile SWG that are better suited to mobile deployment models.

Download the presentation "Device centric security strategies for the modern workplace". After completing his doctorate in nuclear physics, Mr. With over 18 years of experience in the Information Technology industry, specialising in Cloud and multiple facets of IT Security, Jeremy is able to apply a wide spectrum of knowledge for a holistic view to Cyber Threat Detection and Data Security. His responsibilities include helping customers, including law enforcement agencies and corporations, investigate cases and combat crimes using digital forensics.

He has over 7 years of professional experience which spans from network design, DevOps solutions, network security, and digital forensics. He handled multiple Cybersecurity projects in areas of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing, Cybersecurity Assessment, Cybersecurity Governance and Strategy and Information Security Management across various industries and top Philippine corporations.

Mark works in Fortinet as Sr. In his last role as Chief of Channels for Asia Pacific market for McAfee, he built a strong strategic partner ecosystem to enable new consumption models. In the formative part of his career, he was instrumental in creating the manufacturing off shoring model in India which emerged as a significant game changing industry phenomenon during his stint with a large Engineering Conglomerate in India.