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Therapists can deduce what colour you need to complement and rebalance your energy levels. Coloured light has been used to treat some serious ailments.

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Ultraviolet light is often used to treat skin diseases such as eczema psoriasis, while SAD seasonal affective disorder can be alleviated by lamps emitting blue light, which is said to affect circadian rhythms. However, colour therapy is a complementary medicine with no scientific evidence. It is used to enhance wellbeing, not cure serious illnesses. Prison inmates in Texas are made to wear pink -- the colour of the womb -- partly to embarrass them, but partly because the colour is said to reduce aggression.

Colour is absorbed by the eyes, skin and skull. Colour therapy uses a variety of methods, the most common being LED light boxes or lamps with colour filters. Therapists may ask you to select a colour, as this can guide them in diagnosing what colour or colours you need to balance your energy levels.

LED colour light therapy is said to balance the skin using coloured wavelengths that penetrate the skin at varying depths -- blue is said to be good for congested skin, red for anti-ageing. You either wear an LED mask or have a lamp pointing at your face. Therapists claim the light can energise skin cells to produce more collagen, increase blood and oxygen flow. Carla Bruni and Jennifer Aniston are said to be fans.

Colour therapists claim colour can be used to aid sleep, anxiety and depression, as well as help people find clarity and peace. It is harmless, except, that is, when certain doctors mislead the seriously ill by claiming that it can cure immune deficiencies and cancer. When used as part of a spa treatment, however, coloured light can enhance your feelings of wellbeing and is a lovely way to express how you feel. Red relates to the Root chakra and sex organs. Red is effective in the treatment of the lungs, bones, heart, and muscles. Print Color Tables. Orange is the color of joy or happiness and encourages the warmth of the heart.

It enhances both mental and physical energy. Orange is a mixture of red and yellow.

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It also stimulates creativity. This color governs the Spleen chakra, which is also known as the Sacral chakra. Orange is used to help balance problems with the kidneys, large and small intestines, the lower spine back and sacroiliac joints. There are two sacroiliac shock-absorbing joints between the spine and the pelvis.

The Benefits of Clearlight Infrared Sauna LED Color Light Therapy

They absorb the weight of the upper body and transfer it to the lower body. Deficiency of Orange: Stress, self-conflict, depression, loneliness, lethargy, fatigue. In Balance: Feelings of courage, enthusiasm, creativity, and the ability to be energetic. Yellow is a hot color symbolizing the sun. The sun, of course, encompasses all colors, but it is commonly associated with Yellow.

Yellow has a bright and cheering effect. Yellow is associated with the Solar Plexus chakra so is beneficial in balancing the digestive system—the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen and stomach. Yellow also activates the lymphatic and immune systems. Deficiency of Yellow: Melancholy, mild depression, lack of motivation, poor self-esteem, fears, phobias. In balance: Feelings of joy and happiness.

Two Types of Chromotherapy, Wide-Array of Health Benefits

Yellow can be applied to stimulate left-brain activity. It is associated with an alert intellect. Green is the most common color in nature.

Colour Therapy

It is called the master or balancing color. Green is the combination of blue and yellow. It has a sedative and cooling effect. Green governs the Heart chakra, the center of unselfish and unconditional love. It promotes feelings of contentment, relaxation and trust. Green is the color of growth, fertility, hope, youth, energy and new life.

It influences the heart, breasts, lungs, upper back, and the endocrine and circulatory systems. Deficiency of Green: Introversion, irritability, exhaustion, compulsive behavior, fears, phobias, panic disorders. Blue is a cold color and as a result can be used in all conditions involving heat in the body.

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It has a relaxing effect on the mind and body. Blue is specific to the Throat chakra so is useful to help with imbalances in the thyroid and parathyroid glands, tension in the neck and shoulder areas, and problems with teeth, and gums. The blue light wavelength actually helps to set circadian rhythms and boost energy. In balance: Naturally affectionate, relaxed, calm, intuitive, and able to express feelings and thoughts honestly and harmoniously. Indigo is a cold color and as a result can be used in all conditions involving heat in the body.

Indigo is specific to the Brow chakra so is useful to help with imbalances in the pineal and the pituitary glands, sinuses, the eyes, ears and nose as well as with learning disabilities.

Science of Color: 3 Healing Treatments

In balance: Intuitive, calm, understanding, sense of responsibility, sense of justice, willing to be of service. Indigo enhances intuition, strengthens imagination and courage. Indigo may enhance practicality and dream activity. Violet is a cooler color so has a soothing and calming effect. Violet is specific to the Crown chakra so is useful to help with imbalances in the pineal and the pituitary glands, helps soothe the nervous system and mental functions.

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  5. Violet enhances a sense of self as a spiritual being with feelings of compassion and creativity. Excess of Violet: Too much of a dreamer, impractical, bored, arrogant, moody, secretive, vain. Deficiency of Violet: Sense of isolation or aloneness, loss of meaning, disinterest in spiritual exploration, lack focus, worry, depression, close-minded. In balance: Sense of self as a spiritual being, sense of unity, able to see the bigger picture, feelings of compassion and empathy, creative, a visionary.

    Blue light attacks the acne bacteria and the Red light stimulates collagen and elastin in the skin. Glands and Hormones — Orange and Blue Alternating Orange and Blue light has been used to balance the endocrine system. All Conditions — Green Green is often used prior to the application of other colors. For more effective results, use green before applying another color. Fascinating material about how color enters and influences the body is found in the translation of two chapters of a book in German by Dr. A physician comments on Near Infrared Light.

    A complete list of references is available in our Reference section. We're not trying to arm-twist or sell you anything. On the contrary, we've done our best to provide accurate and up-to-date information regarding LED Light Therapy so you can come to your own conclusions. We obviously think LED Light Therapy is pretty cool, but it's really up to you to decide, and we respect your ability to do so.

    Although light therapy dates back literally thousands of years, it's not exactly mainstream. Give it time. And be smart Do your homework. Ask questions. Seek out health practitioners you trust for their advice. The information we've brought together at MyLightTherapy. We're all unique individuals, after all, and one size really doesn't fit all. One more thing — We take our role in providing the information found on MyLightTherapy.

    So that you know, our opinions are based on our understanding of the many sources of information available to us — from science to historical context to manufacturers to anecdotal and more. Four strategies for applying LED light Three ways for deeper penetration of the light Using the Nogier frequencies Plus diagrams and charts so you can choose the best light placement Click HERE to begin your free download. Dinshah Ghadiali. Hazel Parcells.

    Physical Effects Wound healing Burns: Speeds healing of severe burns Circulation: Improved Muscle and tendon sprains: Speeds healing Pain: Eases pain for many conditions Skin rejuvenation: Helps with skin repair and the effects of aging. Boosts collagen formation to help smooth wrinkles Allergy symptoms: Accelerated relief from severe food allergy symptom Boosts enzyme activity to stimulate metabolism Within Cells: Stimulates mitochondrial function to boost ATP adenosine tri-phosphate , our energy source for all body processes.

    Increases DNA synthesis for cellular reproduction and the repair of damaged cells Eye injuries: Accelerated healing in blinded rats when used in conjunction with Red LEDs.