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He played well against ECU and rallied the team to a win after a bad first half vs.

SurruhBetch and THUD in LOW

But in losses to Tulane and Fresno State, the offense struggled to score again. The 17 points against Tulane came after a decade averaging 42 ppg against the Greenies.


King showed flashes of brilliance but was never coached up. The new offensive coordinator must build around dual-threats like King and Smith — not the hodge podge gar-bage we saw in As frustrated as I was with the quarterbacks the running backs were even worse. Major and Co never established a flow with the rushing attack, eerily similar to how Johnson mishandled the QBs.

Despite Catalon getting double the attempts, Car 4. Catalon had the most carries in 4 of the 5 losses this season he was injured early in the Tulane game. In those 4 games, Catalon ran 70 times for yards — just 2. They were embarrassing. Time after time Florida put itself into terrible down-and-distances, and then asked its quarterback to bail it out for no reason other than poor discipline.

Jim McElwain’s last stand ends with a resounding thud in 42-7 loss to Georgia

The Gators made mental mistakes all over the field in that game and it cost them. Against Georgia, the story was much the same. The Gators had little room for error because of the quality of its opponent. Instead, Florida decided to take that room and spend it on stupid penalties, ensuring they would be unable to move the ball.

The defensive game plan was more perplexing.


Instead, Shannon doubled down on the cover-1 look, so much so he started his nickel defense in lieu of a third linebacker. That defensive look was the one that got burned over and over. The advantage to the cover-1 is it brings down one safety into the box to aid in stopping the run.

However, this opens up the wide receivers outside because the one deep safety has middle-of-the-field responsibility.

Resounding Thud Radio - USA - Listen Live Online Free Radio Station

That might be OK if you disguise the coverage prior to the snap of the ball. But Florida walked up its safety well before the snap, giving Fromm time to assess that he had 1-on-1 coverage on the outside.

Florida cornerback Marco Wilson had perfect coverage, but Georgia was able to convert anyway. So why would Shannon do that? Well, apparently he thought Florida needed to have that extra safety in the box to stop the run. And while having the extra man up does help, it has one complication. If the deep safety takes a bad angle, a run that would go for 10 yards against a cover-2 goes for He then runs into the referee and Michel is off to the races.

Florida only switched back to the cover-2 sparingly, insisting on keeping an extra man in the box.

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They did this even after they brought in a third linebacker to help even further against the run. None of it mattered as Georgia was able to run against those looks as well. The case involved a delivery service that had turned its crew of drivers into independent operators, thus freeing the company from following the wage, overtime and benefit rules that apply to those who work for a company on a full-time basis.

Under this test, a company could, say, contract with an outside electrician or IT consultant, but not much else. Other courts are still wrestling with details and the Legislature still can fix the problem, but big change is coming. In the latest ruling, the 9th Circuit declared that a Georgia-based janitorial firm with 10 franchises in California would not only have to begin treating its workers as regular employees, but pay years of back wages and overtime. Both decisions have vast implications.

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